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What is for Dinner? In Illinois


This is Jorie’s dinner. She had an orange cream smoothie and vegetable stir fry. And this is Naomi’s dinner. She had chicken with rice, cucumber, and strawberries.

Have a look at the cartoon and think if you sometimes have this attitude.


And kids in Illinois are sharing their lunch…

Do you have the same kind of lunch?

Do you have lunch at school or at home?

Argentine Friendly Habits

Thinking about eating habits and traditions Delfina from Ms Claudia´s class says:

“Every  Sunday and Saturday my parents and relatives drink mate, my brother likes mate and I have never tried it yet. when it is May 25Th ( National Celebration) we eat asado. And my family’s typical food is meat.”

As Delfina says MATE is an traditional habit in Argentina. Mate is an infusion made by steeping the dried leaves of the yerba mate plant in near-boiling water.

mateIt is traditionally drank from a CALABASA GOURD — though these days the drinking vessel can be made out of just about anything — with a silver metal straw called a BOMBILLA. The straw is integral to the drinking process because it filters out the leaves. Drank straight, a sip of hot mate will taste a lot like a strong, slightly bitter tea and it has been enjoyed in the Southern Hemisphere for hundreds of years.

Mate has a long history in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Southern Brazil and Bolivia. It is not uncommon to see people walking the streets with mate in hand in those countries — some even with a thermos of hot water in the other hand to refill the drink as it gets low.Drinking mate is often times a group experience.

Drinking mate is generally a group experience and it’s a symbol of hospitality and frienship! And most of the people do it!

Look at these photos …Do you know them?

Lionel Messi, Argentinian football player
Pope Francis also loves mate

“My mom told me what we generally do in celebrations. At Easter we  eat chocolate eggs and Easter thread. we all  spend  midday together, but the only person that cooks the food and the sweet stuff is my mom. The favorite thing that my mom likes of the celebratasadoions is receiving a present,being  all the family together and eating together.And the best day for my family is LabourDay because we get together ,We eat wherever we want and we are relaxed.The most important thing of my family is that we never have something specific to do.”

New York, an Inside look.

Ms Lisa & Ms Jess and the kids have been doing some work on their routines. Students have different routines at home . while having a meal not all of them do the same things!

As regards family habits while eating, they highlight these:

  • Talking while eating our meals
  • Watching TV while eating
  • Talking about science 
  • No singing 
  • Using Electronics while eating
  • No electronics while eating
  • Talking about our day
  • Getting up to leave the table only to use the bathroom
  • No reading during meals! 

Think of your own eating habits at home. Do you agree with our friends? 

Do you have  similar habits?

Look at this picture and reflect about what is happening

Source: http://www.123rf.com