Israel and Argentina connect

Meeting kids from somewhere in the world is a great a pleasure. Being together for some time talking as if we knew each other, as if we were neighbours…in spite of the great distance differences as well as the different time zones where we live in.

Some students from Argentina met synchronically with a class in Israel. Kids were about to have lunch in Argentina ,almost midday, and it was around 6pm in Israel.


The funny thing about the meeting is that the classes did not know where they where! Even though the two are part of the global team! So they played a mystery location game!

When they discovered their countries it was a great surprise and each class asked the other class about their habits and likes. It was great to discover that both classes listen to Ed Sheeran, Luis Fonsi, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber.  We had a laugh when students in Argentina sang ” Despacito” the trendy song !

Another great moment was when the kids taught us how to say “Hello” in Hebrew.descarga (2)

We loved this!!!!

Both classes talked about the New Year Celebrations and they could compare and contrast rituals and food traditions

It was a golden opportunity to meet Ms Gali and her class!!!!


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