Argentina, May 25th a National Day

Students in Ms Daiana´s class have decided to tell the rest of the classes about their National Day May 25th. 

Known as “Día de la Revolución de Mayo”, this holiday is always celebrated on May 25, regardless of the day of the week.

Anniversary of the First Independent Government in Buenos Aires. On May 25 1810 a small revolution took place in Buenos Aires. This was the first step towards independence.

The May Revolution wasn’t a so much of a revolution but more the evolution of a sequence of political and social events in Buenos Aires during the early part of the nineteenth century which led to the first local government not designated by the Spanish Crown in the region known as the Viceroyalty of the Río de la Plata.

Peep their work! They are working on their presentations!



Argentina on the Move

Students in Argentina have already started to do research about their individual views about food and food traditions….but mainly in each home!

Questions such as:

  1. What habits does your family have when you eat?
  2. What traditional family recipes can you mention?

Will be answered and kids will compare what each family does!

They are also designing a SURVEY to ask to mums, dads or even grannies!

Soon we will get results and kids will share and compare ….

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And play “Someone Who”:

students go around the class asking questions about the interview they carried out at home.

Find someone who:

  1. Eats asado on Sunday midday. (5 people)
  2. Has fast food for lunch twice a week. (3 people)
  3. Eats homemade food 5 days a week (4 people)
  4. Whose mother prepares treaties as a hobby (3 people)
  5. Whose parents cook the birthday cake (5 people)
  6. Knows how to cook (5 people)

Ms Daiana´s class in Adrogué, B.A. Argentina


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In this image you can see  5 facts about Argentina and Argentine people .

Can you find out what they are and list them?

If there is any topic you would like to have more information tweet  #tastylife17 your question and kids will answer to you!

Here you have the kids and Ms Daiana they are in their classroom: They are in sixth grade!Archivo_006