4th of July , USA

Two classes in the team one from Middleton,MA and the other one from Michigan  want to tell us about this National Day.

Independence Day descarga (6)descarga (8)

  • Families celebrate with picnics and barbecues.
  • Typical activities include watermelon or hotdog eating competitions and sporting events, such as baseball games, three-legged races, swimming activities and tug-of-war games.
  • Many people display the American flag outside their homes .
  • Many communities arrange fireworks that are often accompanied by patriotic music. The most impressive fireworks are shown on television.images (3)
  • Some people use one or more of their vacation days to create a long weekend .HeyTruQuickie7-4-13
  • Many politicians appear at public events to show their support for the history, heritage and people of their country.
  • Above all, people in the United States express and give thanks for the freedom and liberties fought by the first generation of many of today’s Americans.
  • The Statue of Liberty is a national monument that is associated with Independence Day.maxresdefault

Do not miss the presentation children made in Middleton, MA (find it in the calendar)

Fourth of July Presentation

Read the piktochart made by a student from Michigan.

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Snack Attack ! in Middleton, MA USA



Ms Mulligan´s  second grade share their morning snacks with us !

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By snack-time  they refer to the moment when kids can rest, talk and eat some food before the meal!

Do you have Snack time at school?

What kind of food do you eat as snack?

If you could choose one of these snacks which one would you choose and why?

Ms Eileen´s class in Middleton, MA, USA


This is the map of Usa, and here can see where Middleton, MA is located  Can you see the red Point?  Can the rest of the classes in the global team think of a question to get to know more about the place where Ms Eileen´s kids live? What would you like to know?

(Say the question to your teacher and the children in this class will answer!)


“We are Mrs. Mulligan’s second grade class at Fuller Meadow School in Middleton, MA, USA. There are 16 students in our class. We are excited to join this global project. We have participated in other global projects like the @globalmathtask, The Same Day in March, Mystery Location and Number Skypes/Hangouts, Global Read Aloud, and Virtual Field Trips.  We like using technology and connecting with other classes. You can follow our classroom adventures on Twitter @mrsmulligangr2  Our class is looking forward to working with you and learning about your food traditions over the next few weeks. “