New York cooks at home!

Miss Susan says that

“Kids from Irvington, NY like cooking inside and barbecuing outside!

Barbecue is really popular in New York as soon as the weather gets nicer!  However,

there are some families who barbecue throughout the year!”

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Are barbecues typical in your country? 

Do you enjoy cooking outside? 

Is there any special day in the week  for eating barbecues ?

Does your family barbecue in summer or at any moment of the year?


Great news in New York!

Ms Susan and her class in New York are having parents celebration, kids tell parents about the global project and all the facts they are learning from the other classes in the global team!

I am planning to connect from Argentina and meet parents and visit New York for a while…..

Here I am in my kitchen in Argentina waiting for the right time to connect with my friends from New York!

While holding the parents celebration, kids in Ms Susan´s class having working and reflecting upon what they are learning and how they they are learning.

Read the list the kids have made and check if you agree with them, if your class is going through the same process.

Parent Celebration,

I Learned…

  • more about the food that I picked and became more interested
  • why the food is important to my family
  • who created the family recipe
  • where the recipe originated
  • Taught my parents how to use Google Slides
  • how to prepare the food
  • the ingredients
  • how long the recipe has been in the family
  • that antipasto is not just made in  Italy
  • My dad and I decided on a food together
  • about how my mom remembered making this food when she was a little girl
  • about who my mom made the recipe with and the first time she made this food
  • how long it takes to make this food and some of the ingredients
  • about why we make this food at one certain time during the year
  • why certain people in my family started making this food
  • that this food could be made not just on one holiday, but on others as well
  • how the recipe was created
  • the history of the food
  • how the food could be made in different ways
  • how the recipe passed down through generations
  • where the ingredients come from
  • that this food is made on a specific date

Google Slides:

  • new features about Google Slides
  • Lots of fun working on slide with parents
  • Taught my parents how and why we use Google Slides
  • Helped classmates and parents who were confused with Google Slides

This picture is amazing, don´t you think?


Parents and kids working hard!