More about Argentine National days

Kids in Ms Lucrecia´s class also want to share information about May 25th and July 9th.

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Videos everywhere in Quilmes, Argentina.

Ms Lucrecia video recorded some students telling us about the way they celebrate Christmas in Argentina and what they like eating for this celebration

In this Video a girl called Luna is answering a question that has been posed by Anthony from Texas

Could you find any coincidence with the way you celebrate?

Kids in Ms Lucrecia´s class had the great experience of connecting and exchanging ideas about their family traditions at the moment of having a meal and about the traditional recipes they have in their families. Having one class living in Argentina located in South America, and another class in USA located in North America, turns it into a very interesting conversation!

Can we get to know if there are more similarities than differences between these two countries at the moment of cooking and eating? What do you think?


Bernarda, a student in this class got inspired by Agrim (from the Indian class) and decided to transmit some important concepts about food in Argentina.

Argentine Traditional Food

What are some traditional foods that your family prepares?


2- Locro


4-Budin de Pan

5-Pastelitos de Membrillo


This is a Budin de Pan. The ingredients are bread,milk, sugar, caramel and eggs.

How do the ingredients we use to prepare our food, reflect our geographic location?

We live in the capital of Argentina, so we have a lot of resources to make different dishes.










When do we eat this food?

In my family we eat this food when is an especial day, for example, on May 1st we eat locro.


What are some traditional habits that we have when we are eating?

When we are eating we discuss our things and we can’t use the technology. We pray to God before we eat.


Ms Lucrecia´s class in Quilmes,B.A. Argentina


Ms Lucrecia and her students live in a city called QUILMES in Buenos Aires, Argentina. If you see the red point in the Buenos Aires map you will see where it is located.They want us to learn about the city where they live in.

5 things about Quilmes

  1. Our town was named after the aborigin people Kilmes, who settled in this area in 1666.
  2. Quilmes Athletic Club, our local football team, is in the National First Division.
  3. The pedestrianised street called Rivadavia is the main shopping street in town.
  4. Quilmes borders with the Río de la Plata in the East. In our riverside, people do water sports such as kayaking, windsurfing, yachting and kite-surfing.
  5. Our town is also famous for its beer. Quilmes Brewery House is in the centre of our city and has recently opened its facilities to visitors.

Quilmes 6 things