Ms Gali and her class from Israel

Ms Gali and her students who are in 5th grade  live in Israel, This country is a kind of bridge to three continents. Europe, Asia and Africa. Do you know why?

Pay attention to the map and think of a possible answer!

Ms Gali and her class have sent us this great video where we can find lots of facts about their country. Read and See about Israel

Click on  ISRAEL

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Did you know about the Dead Sea? Read some facts about it!

  • The lowest point on earth. For millions of tourists across the globe, the Dead Sea is home to one of the most extraordinary experiences of nature.dead sea
  • Sea or lake? In Israel and throughout the world, this unique body of water is called a ‘sea’, however, the Dead Sea is actually a huge lake
  • lots of people who go to the Dead Sea for various health treatments and benefits.
  • You really do float. The waters of the Dead Sea are extremely dense, which allows you to float on the surface of the sea. The floating experience is an attraction.

If you want to read more and meet the kids in Ms Gali´s class read their blogs.

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