Alabama plunges into research!

Many kids that participate in the project are sharing their typical lunches, and many of them have lunch at school!

Do you know what Self-serve lunch is?

Do you have this option at school?

 What about taking your food from home in a lunch bag?

Is there any other option at your school?

See the place  where  children in Ms Margie´s class eat at midday and the food they eat at school

Compare and contrast your lunch, and the place where you eat, Is it similar  to the one kids have in the school in Alabama?

Miss Margie invites us to give a glimpse to their students´work in process


Ms Margaret´s class in Alabama, Usa


Ms Margaret´s class live in Alabama, Usa .It is situated in the south-eastern region of the US. It borders with Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi and the Gulf of Mexico.

Did you know that Alabama has a state song?

The state song is called simply “Alabama”. It has been the state song since 1931

It is a nice song! We can listen to it!

SourceMusic is Love Anthems

Meet the class now

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